Sergeant-Keroro at your service, de arimasu!

Aug 29


Aug 28

askkululu said: Soooooo~ Wanna help me out with a little something? Giroro was less than amused at my latest attempt to use him as a guinea pig.

*fidgets, a little apprehensive* Ah Sure Souchou! 

Aug 27

Anonymous said: how about that dororo ain't he a stud

You mean th—?


(Dororo: )


Anonymous said: Can I hug you, you cute space frog? <3

Ah! Sure, de arimasu! 

master-pokey-minch said: Velnini: So, How do you like Tumblr so far, Keroro? Find any cool gundam photos? ((//shot))

Ah! It’s pretty cool I guess! I’ve found some pretty good Gunpla blogs~ Gerooo~

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By ちり


By ちり

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Anonymous said: i love you

OH! Well thank you! Gero gero~!